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These Are the Housing Trends of the Future


 Over the last decade, the housing market has changed drastically to meet demands in a dynamic social climate. The Home Improvement Research Institute (HIRI) teamed up with Trend Hunter to explore what the future of housing may look like in a world shaped by a growing passion for issues such as climate change, sustainability, and minimalism.

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Home Purchasing in the Time of COVID-19

2020 didn't just disrupt lives - it completely changed the way people lived.  We all spent more time than ever before in our homes as school went online, companies transitioned to remote work and online shopping became the norm.  This trend made people focus more on where they live. 

How did COVID-19 change home buying?  Find out what we learned from HIRI's Recent Home Buyer Study in the infographic below.


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Recent Homebuyers Fuel Renovation Boom

The Home Improvement Research Institute commissioned a study featuring insights from recent homebuyers on what home improvement projects they undertake and why. Of the more than 800 homebuyers interviewed, around 75 percent plan to make renovations to their home. Additionally, 56 percent plan to make improvements in the next six months.

For brands, this means an opportunity to offer guidance and navigate recent homebuyers, and especially first-time buyers, toward certain products. 

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