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What to Expect at the 2019 HIRI Insights Summit
Each year, hundreds of home improvement industry experts and professionals gather to network, share research and explore upcoming trends and forecasts at the Home Improvement Research (HIRI) Institute’s Insights Summit. This year’s summit promises to be the best yet.  Register today at www.hirisummit.com

Which products are leading sales in the consumer and professional markets? 
Consumer home improvement product sales represent two-thirds of a rapidly growing overall market. Professional home improvement products sales have also experienced significant growth but are expected to slow in 2019. See the five-year forecast for home improvement product sales for the consumer and professional markets. 

What issues are impacting contractors in 2019?
Each quarter, the Home Improvement Research Industry partners with The Farnsworth Group and HomeAdvisor to survey contractors on a rotating list of topics, as well as their industry and business sentiment. The two most recent contractor topic studies covered the effects of tariffs and the tax act in the fourth quarter of 2018 and a construction industry labor shortage in the first quarter of 2019. Learn more about the impact of tariffs, the labor shortage and other topics that have a direct impact on contractors.

DIY or Pro: Which route do homeowners go?
Want valuable DIY and pro insights for your business? Based on data from three proprietary Home Improvement Research Institute studies, the Trends in DIY and Pro Home Improvement report may be exactly what you need. Learn more about the types of projects homeowners are planning, the materials they are purchasing to complete them, and whether they’re more likely to go the DIY route or hire a pro. 

Which home improvement services have the highest demand?
In the last decade, it has become increasingly more common to hire professionals for home improvement projects. Today, at least 10% more homeowners are using home services than in 2009, resulting in a near-40% increase in the number of services purchased in a year. From lawn and landscaping services to plumbing repairs and pest control, learn which home improvement services are in the highest demand.

HIRI Recent Research

Recently Released Research

Recent Home Buyer Study
When does your house start to feel like home? For many, it's not when you put your final signature on the stack of paperwork that never seems to end. Rather, a house starts to feel like home when you put your own personal touches on it. The time spent around this is often filled with a flurry of activities around the house. HIRI’s newly released Recent Home Buyer Study examines those who have purchased a home within the last year and digs deep into what type of work they have done and plan to do to their house.

U.S. Size of the Home Improvement Products Market, September 2018
The home improvement industry’s only product focused size of market study provides data back to 1992 with 5-year forecasts for the consumer and professional markets.  Product category level detail is provided for the consumer market and new in 2018 for the professional market.  Geographic detail is provided for the 9 Census divisions.

Retail Selector Study
The Home Improvement Retail Selector Study delivers comprehensive insights on consumer purchasing dynamics in 16 home improvement categories. From ceiling and floor coverings to doors and millwork, HIRI members learn what consumers are purchasing and where, why they prefer one retailer to another and how these numbers compare to the studies conducted in previous years.

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