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Who is HIRI?

The only nonprofit organization dedicated to home improvement research, HIRI empowers members with exclusive, ongoing home improvement data, and information for making better business decisions.

Members are the leading manufacturers, retailers, and allied organizations in the home improvement industry. Join them in benefiting from invaluable data and insights.

Brands that Rely on HIRI's Research

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LIXIL and the American Standard Brands have been a loyal member of the Home Improvement Research Institute for years. Our membership with HIRI is one of the more valuable subscriptions offering an incredible breadth of research on the consumer, PRO, and the industry. If you’re operating lean and looking for data or want to get up to seed on the trends in the home improvement industry, this is a great source.

LIXIL Water Technology Americas

Michalina Maka Longo

Our HIRI membership provides valuable resources and insights into the home improvement industry, particularly in forecasting the size of the home improvement market. We've benefited greatly from our participation in the annual conference, which brings together a wide range of professionals for meaningful discussions on the industry and, of course, for valuable networking opportunities.


Marine Sargsyan

HIRI arguably delivers more value than any other research organization given the low cost of membership and the high quantity and quality of their research. EnerBank utilizes HIRI's research to keep up with industry trends.

EnerBank USA

Dave King

With a long history of providing research and insights into the home improvement marketplace, HIRI keeps its finger on the pulse of consumer and trade professional attitudes, purchase decision-making and priorities, and how they influence home renovation trends. Its industry-leading research helps VELUX Skylights make smart business decisions.

Velux America LLC

Chan Hoyle

FirstService Brands has been a HIRI member for 10+ years. We consistently use the research and get great benefit from the HIRI Summit. It has been good to see the organization mature over the years and enjoy increased industry awareness.

FirstService Brands

Ian Van Heyst

Our Marketing, Sales, and Innovation teams have been utilizing HIRI research increasingly more to supplement our primary market research, to identify trends, and to support customer line reviews. And the webinars offered have been a great way for us to better understand the reports. We also appreciate how HIRI is evolving and expanding its research scope to further meet the needs of its members.


Diane Walsh

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No matter your title, a HIRI membership can benefit you. With research that touches on both DIYers and Pros, and spans markets, channels and products/projects, you’ll gain the insight you need to help grow your business.

HIRI members receive $1 Million of proprietary research, with over 50 reports being delivered in 2021 alone. Studies are geared both to meet the individual needs of members and to gauge market trends relevant to our members as a whole.

Every year industry professionals gather to dissect trends, describe their research and forecast what’s coming.

A summary of studies is presented by HIRI’s research partners via the web. Receive our monthly news update featuring HIRI’s research highlights along with hot topics, additional home improvement news and industry developments.

HIRI is composed of the top retailers, manufacturers, distributors, publishing companies and trade associations in the home improvement industry. With members from every corner of the home improvement market, we can ensure research that’s essential to keeping you in the lead.