WEBINAR: Generational Differences in Home Improvement: Understanding Millennial vs. Gen X vs. Boomer Remodeling Behaviors

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A com­mon pre­dic­tor of a cus­tomer seg­men­t’s atti­tudes and behav­iors towards home improve­ment projects and prod­ucts is know­ing at what stage of life an indi­vid­ual is in.

It’s impor­tant for your com­pa­ny to man­age cus­tomer per­cep­tions and expec­ta­tions based on gen­er­a­tional dif­fer­ences. So, what dif­fer­ences do gen­er­a­tional cohorts have in their atti­tudes and behav­iors regard­ing home improve­ment activities?

To answer that ques­tion, The Home Improve­ment Research Insti­tute ana­lyzed core gen­er­a­tional dif­fer­ences in our recent­ly released report Gen­er­a­tional Age Group Analy­sis of Home Improve­ment.” For a deep­er dive into this report, sign up to join this webinar.

You will hear from Dave King, Exec­u­tive Direc­tor of HIRI, about these dif­fer­ences in home improve­ment atti­tudes, behav­iors, projects, shop­ping method­olo­gies, pur­chase dri­vers, chan­nel pref­er­ences, and more.

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Webinar Generational Differences in Home Improvement Behaviors March 2023
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