WEBINAR: How Home Improvement Brands can Harness the Power of TikTok

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Dur­ing this free webi­nar, we’ll dive into the val­ue of Tik­Tok for home improve­ment brands. You can expect:

  • An overview of Tik­Tok includ­ing the platform’s his­to­ry, growth and expand­ing influence
  • How to human­ize your brand with an organ­ic Tik­Tok pres­ence, cre­ate engag­ing con­tent and work with social influencers
  • How to approach TikTok’s paid media oppor­tu­ni­ties and how to think about the plat­form with­in the mar­ket­ing funnel

Join us to hear from the experts from Wray­Ward dis­cuss Tik­Tok and the val­ue for home improve­ment brands.

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