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2023-2027 Hardware Market Watch: Trends in Hardware Purchases [INFOGRAPHIC]

May 08, 2023

We con­sol­i­dat­ed data on res­i­den­tial hard­ware and extrap­o­lat­ed habits among con­sumers and Pros. 

These insights include the pri­ma­ry rea­sons why they choose to pur­chase var­i­ous kinds of hard­ware, such as door locks, gate hard­ware, dec­o­ra­tive hard­ware, and fas­ten­ers.

Here are the top hard­ware pur­chase trends to note:

Trends in Locks, Fasteners, Gate & Decorative Hardware

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Mem­bers have access to the full reports and raw data sets used to com­pile the infor­ma­tion in this info­graph­ic includ­ing the

  1. 2021 Prod­uct Pur­chase Track­ing Study on Hardware
  2. 2021 Project Deci­sion Study on Exte­ri­or Front Entrance Improvements
  3. 2021 Retail Selec­tor Study, which includes infor­ma­tion on res­i­den­tial hard­ware purchases
  4. The U.S. Size of Mar­ket Study (March 2023), which includes infor­ma­tion on hardware

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