Trends in Kitchen Remodeling Activities

2023-2027 Market Watch: Trends in Kitchen Remodeling Activities [INFOGRAPHIC]

Sep 15, 2023

Among consumers, many of the primary markets pertaining to kitchen remodeling projects are expected to have decline in 2023 and 2024, with growth rebounding in 2025 through 2027.

Pros are expected to contribute to ongoing growth in the paint and paint supplies, flooring, and plumbing supplies markets due to continued market demand for repair and replace projects as homeowners update the aging housing stock.

Here are further market trends to note:

Among con­sumers, many of the pri­ma­ry mar­kets per­tain­ing to kitchen remod­el­ing projects are expect­ed to have decline in 2023 and 2024, with growth rebound­ing in 2025 through 2027.

Pros are expect­ed to con­tribute to ongo­ing growth in the paint and paint sup­plies, floor­ing, and plumb­ing sup­plies mar­kets due to con­tin­ued mar­ket demand for repair and replace projects as home­own­ers update the aging hous­ing stock.

Here are fur­ther mar­ket trends to note:

Trends in Kitchen and Breakfast Nook Remodeling Activities

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  2. Quar­ter­ly Home Improve­ment Activ­i­ty Track­er as of Q2 2023
  3. Prod­uct Pur­chase Track­ing Study — Kitchen and Bath Cat­e­gories — as of 2022
  4. Prod­uct Pur­chase Track­ing Study — Plumb­ing Cat­e­gories — as of 2022
  5. Prod­uct Pur­chase Track­ing Study — Paint & Sun­dries — as of 2022
  6. Prod­uct Pur­chase Track­ing Study — Major House­hold Appli­ances — as of 2022
  7. Prod­uct Deci­sion Study — Kitchen Remod­el — as of 2021

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