WEBINAR: Canada 2023 Economic Update

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It is no secret that 2023 has brought con­cerns over the econ­o­my. The increase in cost of liv­ing and ele­vat­ed inter­est rates con­tin­ues to con­strain house­hold spend­ing. How does this impact home improvement?

Join us for this webi­nar to learn what is hap­pen­ing in the Cana­di­an econ­o­my and how that will impact the home improve­ment mar­ket. You will hear from Arlene Kish, S&P Glob­al Cana­di­an ana­lyst dis­cuss the econ­o­my and what they expect to see in 2023.

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HIRI Webinar Canada Economic Update October 19 2023
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