Contractor Topic Study-Skilled Labor Shortage and Financial Health

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The HIRI Con­trac­tor Top­ic Study sur­veys more than 500 pro­fes­sion­al con­trac­tors bien­ni­al­ly to bet­ter under­stand con­trac­tor behav­iors, atti­tudes, and busi­ness prac­tices in the home improve­ment market.

HIRI mem­bers receive a report pro­vid­ing con­trac­tor insights on top­ics such as labor, project, and pur­chase activ­i­ty. Data tables are pro­vid­ed for cus­tom analy­sis with break­outs by con­trac­tor type.

The cur­rent release cov­ers con­trac­tor per­cep­tion of the skill labor mar­ket short­age and the finan­cial health of their organization.

Understanding the Skilled Labor Shortage and Financial Outlook for Contractors Webinar, Watch

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HIRI Contractor Topic Study Skilled Labor Shortage Financial Health June 2023r
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HIRI Contractor Topic Study Data Tables June 2023
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