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How To Sell More Home Improvement Products Online in 2019 [INFOGRAPHIC]

Jan 28, 2020

How to Sell More Home Improvement Products Online

More than 90% of home improve­ment con­sumers report research­ing online ahead of a home improve­ment pur­chase, with 40% cit­ing online research as extreme­ly impor­tant” to their final deci­sion. While online pur­chas­es are grow­ing rapid­ly, there is still a clear divide between prod­ucts con­sumers will like­ly buy online and those they con­sid­er unlike­ly to pur­chase online. Which prod­ucts are shop­pers buy­ing online, and how can you increase your online sales? Check out this info­graph­ic for data to help you under­stand online pur­chas­ing habits and grow your business.

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