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Home Improvement Project Activity - Completed and Planned Projects in 2022

Sep 23, 2022

Both Q1 and Q2 saw a rise in outdoor work like yard, garden and landscaping projects. However, as Q1 and Q2 projects came to an end, homeowners were expected to shift their focus in Q3. Find out what these predictions mean for the homeowners, pros and overall renovation project trends — review the following infographic to learn more.

Both Q1 and Q2 saw a rise in out­door work like yard, gar­den and land­scap­ing projects. How­ev­er, as Q1 and Q2 projects came to an end, home­own­ers were expect­ed to shift their focus in Q3. Find out what these pre­dic­tions mean for the home­own­ers, pros and over­all ren­o­va­tion project trends — review the fol­low­ing info­graph­ic to learn more.

HIRI Home Improvement Project Activity Q1-Q3 2022

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