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Project Decision Study - Window Replacement

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-Window Replacement


The HIRI Project Decision Study analyzes the “why’s” behind 18 specific home improvement projects along with the involvement of various family members and contractors.  In-depth insights are provided on project motivations, decision making, method of project completion and satisfaction.  


Comparisons are made to prior years (2009, 2011, 2013). The 2015 survey was fielded among members of Ipsos’s Online Consumer Opinion Panel. A total of 2687 consumers completed the 2015 study. Based upon their responses, qualifying homeowners were assigned to respond to questions about one of the projects they engaged in during the prior year. ~150 surveys were completed for each project.


*Project schedule and decision-making process

*Motivations for the project

*Roles of household members, paid professionals, and others

*Project costs and sources of money

*Sources of information, ideas and advice *Shopping habits and channels *Satisfaction *Home profiles *Life events experienced, demographics, occupational information, and changes in spending habits *Project plans for the coming year  


Projects included in the 2009, 2011, 2013, and 2015 surveys:  


1.Painted an interior room or area

2.Painted the exterior of the home or garage

3.Repaired, replaced, or added plumbing fixtures

4.Rewired an electrical system

5.Replaced or refinished flooring

6.Replaced or added window(s)

7.Remodeled the kitchen or parts of kitchen

8.Remodeled a bathroom

9.Added a bathroom

10.Remodeled a room in the home or garage for different use

11.Built/added room or garage onto the home

12.Replaced the roof over the entire home or garage

13.Replaced the siding on the entire home

14.Built a patio, deck, or porch

15.Planted a garden or landscaped the property

16.Made garage appearance/organization improvements (other than cleaning)

17.Made outside front entrance appearance improvements (e.g., doors, facades, lights, windows, hardware)    


New for 2011, 2013, and 2015


18.  Added or replaced insulation  


If a full report is purchased, the buyer will receive the complete study plus questionnaire and an overall analysis of all 18 projects. 


Price: $2,995 full report $995 Summary $795 individual project section  $595 each for 2 or more project sections. 


If you have any questions about the report content prior to ordering, please call 317-982-3977