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Product Purchase Decision Study, 2012 (PPDS 2012)

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2012 Product Purchase Decision Study

Consumers are facing a lot of new opportunities to research and learn about products they seek for their homes. The growth of online sites dedicated to evaluating and reviewing products has caused the shopping process to evolve in a direction away from simply shopping brick and mortar stores and their websites. Manufacturer websites and retailer websites are still used but are used at different points in the shopping process and for different reasons. As social networking becomes a mainstay of consumers' daily lives, it has delivered a new way for consumers to get product reviews, recommendations and experiences from trusted sources. Particularly in 2010, consumers continue to seek value in their purchase behaviors and The Stevenson Company has conducted a number of shopping experience research studies recently that have shown there is a shift in how and how much consumers shop for products.

HIRI commissioned a new research study in 2011 to be conducted by the Stevenson Company to identify the decision paths consumers go through as they shop and decide what products to purchase.

An online survey was conducted with recent purchasers (within the past 5 months) of 42 products in November 2011. The sample source was The Stevenson Company's TraQline survey. 100 interviews were completed for each product. Each product was then classified into one purchase class, so that the results could be analyzed on a purchase class basis rather than for individual products. The following pages show the purchase class assignment for each product. The survey was 15 minutes in length, and focused on the past experience with the product, motivations for purchasing, the steps taken during the shopping process, key information about the purchase and the product (price, channel and name of website or store, quantity, and brand), length of time spent shopping, and influence of various elements on selection of the website or store and selection of the specific product.

Higher priced items typically have more paths and more influences than lower-priced items, but many of the decision processes are similar.

This study helps identify the order of steps consumers go through to arrive at a final purchase decision.

Price: $895

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