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Remodeling Professional E-Business Research 2013 (RPE-Bus 2013)

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The 62-page ‘2013 Remodeling Professional E-Business Research’ study is a survey among professional residential remodelers to explore perceptions, attitudes, and usage of the Internet for business purposes.

This study has been conducted every other year since 2002.  A total of 179 surveys were completed in 2013.  Respondents were owners, executives, or managers of a company in the residential remodeling industry.  Because of respondents currently have access to the Internet; the results of this research are only representative of the segment of the remodeling industry currently online, rather than the remodeling industry as a whole.

Each respondent answered questions about their past usage of the Internet for business purposes, prospective future usage, applications of this medium for use in the industry, and Internet attitudinal questions.  Throughout this report, comparisons are made across the years where applicable.

This study includes background, methodology, firmographics, and a management summary with detailed findings on the following:

  • Business Internet access frequency

  • Business Internet access location including mobile devices

  • Past Internet/Mobile Internet activity

  • Importance of Internet/Mobile Internet to Business

  • Business communications

  • Online marketing efforts

  • Internet use interest ratings

  • Unavailable information online

  • Most valuable Internet aspect for business

  • Most difficult Internet aspect for business

  • Internet search methods/types of Websites used

  • Company Website/features

Price: $495

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