The Contractor Study 2019: Contractor Purchasing Behavior

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For the first time since HIRI start­ed the Con­trac­tor Study near­ly 20 years ago, the research has expand­ed to more than just our bien­ni­al report. The expan­sion has giv­en the HIRI the oppor­tu­ni­ty to detail more aspects of the con­trac­tor group. Part of this new con­trac­tor research pro­gram is the new­ly revised research on con­trac­tor purchasing.

While we have done research in the past on con­trac­tor pur­chas­es, it more exam­ined some pur­chase habits and did not detail the pur­chase inci­dences at all. We have adjust­ed study to more align with how we report on con­sumer pur­chas­es in the long-run­ning Prod­uct Pur­chase Track­ing Study. 

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