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Know­ing how a con­sumer shops for their prod­ucts is near­ly as valu­able and know­ing what types of prod­ucts they are search­ing for. This high­light report gives insights into some of the thought process­es and opin­ions of poten­tial cus­tomers. Some high­lights include:

  • On aver­age, more cus­tomers typ­i­cal­ly shop at the same store for home improve­ment prod­ucts (60%) regard­less of what prod­ucts they are shop­ping for. While there is a very slight cor­re­la­tion with num­ber of shop­ping options, con­ve­nience is more like­ly the biggest fac­tor. To be able to get all of their prod­ucts in one or very few stores gives cus­tomers more time to actu­al­ly not only com­plete their work, but have spend time in leisure activ­i­ties as well. Home cen­ters tend to be the way to go for most cus­tomers, which is no real surprise.
  • There is still some hes­i­tance with online pur­chas­ing with near­ly one-third say­ing there are prod­ucts that they will nev­er pur­chase online. On the flip­side, only 8% will seem­ing­ly pur­chase any­thing online. While not stat­ed in this sur­vey, oth­er HIRI stud­ies have indi­cat­ed sev­er­al fac­tors are involved, includ­ing phys­i­cal char­ac­ter­is­tics of prod­ucts (like paint col­or) and ship­ping cost factors.
  • In a time where we have seen prod­uct and mate­r­i­al short­ages, cus­tomers gen­er­al­ly do not hes­i­tate to shift their pur­chas­ing to oth­er stores if what they need is out of stock at their first choice. Most will not wait for stock to return at their pri­ma­ry pur­chas­ing location.

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