Join the Brightest Minds in Home Improvement This Fall

HIRI Summit 2019

As a home improvement industry specialist, you crave high-level and granular insights developed by and for category pros. This September, immerse yourself in an intimate, custom-built setting for thought leaders and change makers working within a unique yet massive space.

The Home Improvement Research Institute (HIRI) Home Improvement Summit is the premier event delivering the latest insights on consumer and trade customers, channels and economics. Connect with top speakers and peers to discuss data-driven solutions, forward-looking ideas and inspiration touching every aspect of home improvement.

“Every decision maker in the home improvement industry should attend this event,” said Houzz Principal Economist Nino Sitchinava. “HIRI Summit content spans manufacturing, distribution and retailing and is extremely relevant for critical business decisions.”

Sitchinava joins a lineup of speakers primed to deliver exclusive content on home improvement customers, channels and economy/market dynamics affecting the industry. You’ll gain valuable perspective on new and familiar topics, from omnichannel marketing to the Amazon effect.

“Omnichannel has become such a buzzword that it may feel like old news,” said Laura Kennedy, Kantar vice president. “But that can lead to some assumptions that it’s only focused on online. At the HIRI Summit, we’ll talk about why home improvement retailers must continue to invest in stores and how to connect it with digital to be truly omnichannel.”

Wray Ward Vice President John Mader said another seismic shift is brewing as traditional news media declines and public relations strategies evolve.

“The way we consume media is changing,” he said. “As traditional media sources continue to lose credibility with the public, consumers instead look to other people who share their interests and align with their own life narrative. This gives influencers significant sway.

“Our presentation will help brands in the home and building category harness the power of influencer marketing to reach a loyal, lucrative audience.”

No matter where your business fits into the home improvement puzzle, the HIRI Summit gives you intimate exposure to a collection of the smartest people in the industry.

“The diversity and caliber of speakers demonstrate the importance of this event,” Sitchinava said. “My team at Houzz is very excited to attend the HIRI Summit.”

Don’t miss your opportunity to join the brightest minds in the business this fall. Learn why the HIRI Home Improvement Insights Summit is a can’t-miss event for industry professionals and reserve your seat.

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