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The 2020 HIRI Product Purchase Track Survey (PPTS) is now available to members. The survey looks at trends in home improvement product and service purchases based on data provided biennially from homeowners across the United States.

This latest report covers 14 product categories, 238 individual products, 18 types of projects and 23 services, all purchased over the course of 2019 and analyzed in 2020.

For home care and maintenance service providers, the most interesting information may come from the service category, which covers what services were purchased, why they were hired and how customers found service providers.

Of the homeowners surveyed, 58% report making a home improvement service purchase in 2019. The top five categories were:

  • Lawn & landscaping services
  • Pest & insect control
  • HVAC repair & maintenance
  • Plumbing repair
  • Handyman services

The report provides details on average spend, frequency of purchase and buyer demographics. Here, we’re going to look at the top five categories and the basics of how purchase decisions were made.

Lawn & Landscaping Services

Lawn & landscaping services is, once again, the most popular home care and maintenance service purchased, with 18.6% of homeowners reporting that they hired a lawn and landscaping professional in 2019.

Lawn and landscaping services are among the most affordable services in our survey, and while homeowners spend, on average, $590 annually, that spend is spread out over an average of 8.9 purchases, making each purchase just over $66.

Quality and convenience were big factors when making lawn & landscaping purchase decisions. Homeowners hired service providers because they either couldn’t do the work themselves (30%), felt they would get better results (29%) or to avoid the work entirely (22%).

As to how the service was found, recommendations made up the majority of the referrals at 53%. Homeowners relied on suggestions from friends, neighbors and family to help them make their decisions.

Pest & Insect Control

Pest and insect control was the second most common service purchased, with 13.5% of homeowners buying in 2019. On average, those homeowners spent $295 on pest and insect control, usually over an average of 3.1 purchases. This puts the average single purchase at about $95.

Convenience and expertise were the primary reasons for hiring pest and insect control services, with 44% of homeowners hiring someone to avoid work, while 32% made the decision because they couldn’t do the work themselves.

The ways service providers were chosen was a little more varied than other categories. The most common referral source was personal recommendations, but only 39% of homeowners reported making a hiring decision based on this source. 

HVAC Repair & Maintenance

HVAC repair and maintenance was one of the more lucrative service offerings, with the average annual spend among homeowners reaching $812 over 1.4 purchases. Of the homeowners surveyed, 13.2% reported hiring HVAC repair and maintenance professionals in 2019.

As a more technical service, most homeowners (71%) chose to hire someone because they were unable to do the work themselves or because they felt hiring someone would yield better results (15%).

As with most home improvement services in the study, recommendations accounted for a large portion of the way people found HVAC repair & maintenance services, with 36% of homeowners saying it was their primary source. Unlike other services however, warranty requirements made up a significant portion of the referrals too, at 13%.

Plumbing Repair

Plumbing repairs continue to be a steady earner among the top five home care and maintenance services, with homeowners spending an average of $475 annually over 1.3 purchases.

Similar to HVAC repair and maintenance, homeowners hired plumbing repair professions most often because 63% felt they wouldn’t be able to do the work themselves or that the results would be better (16%) if they were done by a professional.

Interestingly enough, in this category, while recommendations were the most common way (49%) for homeowners to find a service provider, this is the one of only two categories in the top five where online referrals also made an appearance, with 11% of respondents saying it was how they found a plumbing professional. 

Handyman Services

Handyman services include a variety of interior and exterior home improvement projects and came in as the fifth most common service purchased, with 12.3% of homeowners saying they hired a handyman in 2019.

The average annual spend for handyman services was $532 over 1.8 purchases, making the average service call spend about $295.

A quality handyman goes a long way, and that’s what motivated homeowners to hire someone, with 58% reporting they couldn’t do the work themselves, while a further 18% felt they would get better results.

Handyman services, like the other home care and maintenance categories discussed here, most often get hired based on recommendations (58%), but here too, online searches are becoming increasingly popular with 12% of respondents saying it was how they found a handyman. 

For Further Information

More details on who is hiring in these service categories, as well as in 18 others, is available in the complete report, available only to HIRI members through our website. 

If you’re interested in becoming a member to gain access to this, and many other reports, click here for more information

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