Are you interested in seeing COVID’s impact on home improvement?  HIRI teamed up with The Farnsworth Group to monitor the status of the industry since late March.  Fill out a short form to view our detailed, comprehensive report.


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2020 Sees Explosion in Home Improvement Spending
After early concerns of a large drop-off, the home improvement market has remained resilient during these difficult times.  See HIRI's forecasts for the home improvement market.

COVID-19 Summary: Final Insights From our Weekly Tracker
In this unprecedented time, Home Improvement Research Institute partnered with The Farnsworth group to provide essential home improvement research to better understand COVID's influence on home improvement.  See the results from the weekly tracker and sign up to receive monthly updates in the future.

Benefits of Becoming HIRI Member: Upcoming Research Releases
The home improvement industry has seen significant shifts this year, especially with the rise of DIY projects due to stay-at-home orders. Keeping up with how homeowners and construction professionals make their purchasing decisions is a challenge.  Learn about the benefits of a HIRI membership to stay on top of shifting trends in the home improvement market.

IINFOGRAPHIC: Labor Shortage in the Construction Industry
In the first quarter of 2020, the Home Improvement Research Institute (HIRI) partnered with The Farnsworth Group to survey more than 500 contractor professionals to gain their insight into the labor shortage and how it has impacted their business. See some of the highlights.

HIRI Recent Research

Recently Released Research

U.S. Size of the Home Improvement Products Market
The home improvement industry’s only product focused size of market study provides data back to 1992 with 5-year forecasts for the consumer and professional markets.  Product category level detail is provided for the consumer market and new in 2018 for the professional market.  Detail is provided at the Census division and state level.

Quarterly Home Improvement Project Tracking
This quarterly study measures planned home improvement projects for the future quarter in 29 project areas.

Consumer Home Improvement Product Purchase Tracking
Conducted biennially for more than 25 years, this comprehensive study examines products, projects, and services bought by U.S. homeowners.

Home Improvement Contractor Study
This biennial study identifies trends, product purchase activity, purchase decision drivers, and channel selection and satisfaction.

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