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How do home improvement pros decide where to shop?
What drives remodeling, landscaping and other home improvement pros to shop at a home improvement warehouse store versus a specialty distributor? What factors do they consider most critical for strong supplier partnerships? 

It's an Omnichannel World
How can you use omnichannel strategies to support sales? Check out this infographic for an industry snapshot and tips for success. 

Which projects do recent homebuyers prioritize?
When it comes to learning about the home improvement projects new homeowners — especially first-time buyers — undertake, there’s no better resource than the Home Improvement Research Institute’s (HIRI) Recent Home Buyers Study. Learn more about the differences between first-time homebuyers and experienced homebuyers, including their motivations and challenges. 

These Generational Insights Can Boost Your Home Improvement Business
How prevalent is homeownership from generation to generation? Will this be the year millennials close the gap? What are the biggest motivators for home improvement projects? How long do homeowners from different generations think about a project before taking the plunge? These are just some of the generational insights you can glean from the newest Generational Age Group Analysis. This original, proprietary research provides a comprehensive picture of generational attitudes and behaviors, from millennials to matures. 

Outdoor Spaces Have Most Planned Home Improvement Projects in Coming Months
It’s only January, yet American homeowners are already gearing up for spring. According to the Q4 2018 Project and Sentiment Tracking Survey, which surveys adults in the United States about their planned home improvement projects, outdoor living spaces will feature the most activity in the next three months. More than one-quarter of homeowners surveyed indicated they will take on lawn and garden and/or landscaping projects during this time. 

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Recently Released Research

Recent Home Buyer Study
When does your house start to feel like home? For many, it's not when you put your final signature on the stack of paperwork that never seems to end. Rather, a house starts to feel like home when you put your own personal touches on it. The time spent around this is often filled with a flurry of activities around the house. HIRI’s newly released Recent Home Buyer Study examines those who have purchased a home within the last year and digs deep into what type of work they have done and plan to do to their house.

U.S. Size of the Home Improvement Products Market, September 2018
The home improvement industry’s only product focused size of market study provides data back to 1992 with 5-year forecasts for the consumer and professional markets.  Product category level detail is provided for the consumer market and new in 2018 for the professional market.  Geographic detail is provided for the 9 Census divisions.

Retail Selector Study
The Home Improvement Retail Selector Study delivers comprehensive insights on consumer purchasing dynamics in 16 home improvement categories. From ceiling and floor coverings to doors and millwork, HIRI members learn what consumers are purchasing and where, why they prefer one retailer to another and how these numbers compare to the studies conducted in previous years.

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