Join us September 18 and 19 at the Hyatt Lodge in Oak Brook, Illinois


Our annual conference brings together top industry experts from across the country to share trends, research and forecasts firsthand that lead to smarter strategies. From the future of home improvement to the data behind it, we'll dive deep into what moves consumers and the trade, so you can sharpen your focus and improve your planning.

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Chris Christopher
Global Economic Impacts on the Home Environment

Mark Boud
Housing and Remodeling Market Review

Andrew Obendorf
How Innovation Impacts Building Products and the Home Improvement Process

Zach Williams
How to Reach DIYers and Contractors at Every Digital Point

Leslie Gillock
The Regret Factor: Overcoming Underspending in Home Improvement Remodels

Brenda Bryan
The Regret Factor: Overcoming Underspending in Home Improvement Remodels

Jin Zhao
Healthy Home

The Evolving Media Landscape

Lawrence Yun
Profiling New and Existing Homebuyers and the Changing Market Landscape

Joe Derockowski
Omnichannel and Online Sales Trends in Home Improvement

Jonathan Spader
Rental Housing Markets and Home Improvement Spending: Macros and Micro Trends

George Potts
Social Media Listening in Home Improvement