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US Homeowner Use Of Paid Home Services


Information contained in this report was taken from a new area of questioning added to the 2008 HIRI Consumer Product Purchase Tracking Study (PPTS). In this latest biennial report, the following home services commonly hired by U.S. homeowners in 2007 were studied alongside their purchasing of various home improvement products and their involvement in various home improvement projects.

lawn mowing
lawn fertilization
pest control
termite control/contract
carpet cleaning
gutter maintenance
plumbing repair
electrical repair
window cleaning
driveway sealing
concrete or asphalt repair
general carpentry repair
heating or air conditioner maintenance
tree service
appliance repair
shrub pruning
drain cleaning
duct cleaning
snow removal
leaf removal
pressure washing (deck or siding)

This overall study was conducted in early 2008 by TNS through the use of their own consumer panel and responses are based upon a nationwide representative sample of 1,754 U.S. homeowners. Responses indicate their experiences for the calendar year 2007.

The summary report is 16 pages in total length and report purchasers will also receive a total of 855 pages of data tabulations broken out over 5 basic banners of information that include geographic regions and U.S. Census divisions; age; heavy, medium and light paid home service hirers; method of project completion for 37 separate home improvement projects studied; years owned home; age of home; respondent gender; household income; information sources used; targeted market segmentation clusters; and outlets where homeowners purchased 228 other products identified separately in the study.

Particular paid home services questions included:

incidence of hire by homeowners for each of the 21 service types
number of times each was purchased
how much was paid for the service in total
how the service was paid for (directly to a contractor or to a retail store)
the main reason they chose to hire that service (to save time, get better results than doing it on their own or to avoid work they don't like to do)
how they found the service they hired (advertising or Yellow Pages, recommended by someone they knew, referral from a retail store and other)

Also provided is a description of the project background as well as the research methodology employed.

With about 78 million persons born between 1946-1964 (Baby Boomers) moving toward their retirement years, paid home services is certain to be an area of continued growth for many years to come.

Price: $695 for entire report (not available by individual paid home services)

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