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Tracking Study of Internet Usage For Home Improvement Activities


The Focus of the 54-page "2009 Tracking Study of Internet Usage for Home Improvement Activities" Study was to conduct a survey exploring the impact of E-businesss on the home improvement Industry. The study's objectivbe includes identification of inmportant trends in consumer use of the Internet to resear and purchase home improvement products, as well as funishing demographic data on Internet home improvement shoppers and information on key barriers to online purchasing.

A total of 300 surveys were completed from July 10 through July 16, 2009. Of these, 110 were completed by respondents who pruchase a home improvement product online during the past year. To participate, a nationally representative sampel of American Consumer Opinion online panel members were required to meet the following criteria:

  • Age between 18 and 64
  • Owned their own homes
  • Had not participated in a home improvement research study in the past year
  • Had either conducted home improvement product research or purchased a home improvement product on the internet within the past year
  • Passed a security screen

In this study comparisons are made across years where applicable. This study includes background, demographics, and methodology sections along with a management summary covering:


Online Research

Methods of home improvement product research (purchaers vs. no-purchasers)
Home Improvement project Online Research
Types of Websites visited (purchasers vs. non-purchasers)
Usefulness of Websites visited
Common retail store Websites visited
Types of projects most recently researched via Internet
Where product was purchased
Reasons for choosing to research product via Internet
Satisfaction with finding information Online
Satisfaction with quality of information on websites
Usefulness of Online research capabilities
Home improvement online product reviews
Search engine used most often
Internet access location

Online Shopping

Home improvement products Online purchase frequency
Reasons purchased Online vs. In-Store
Prior research before purchasing
Type of product most recently purchased online
Type of website where product was purchased
Amount spent Online to purchase home improvement products
Means of acquiring items after purchased Online
Likelihood to purchase online in next 12 months

New Technologies

Text More Info usage
Social networking site visitation
Mobile Internet devices
Home Improvement Email newsletters
Types of information would like to be received from Email newsletter


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