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The Impact Of Green In Home Improvement

The Impact of GREEN in Home Improvement

This one of a kind 90-page report was the 2nd highest rated one by HIRI member companies in 2009 in terms of its usefulness to them. Conducted for HIRI by The Futures Company (formerly Yankelovich), its underlying purpose was to provide in-depth insights into various green issues and how they relate directly to consumers’ attitudes and behaviors in home improvement.

It was conducted online in August of 2008 with 1,800 homeowners in interviews lasting approximately 30 minutes.

Specific research objectives included capturing and/or measuring:

Current green home improvement attitudes
Current green home improvement behaviors
Gaps between green home improvement attitudes and behaviors
Awareness/familiarity with key green terms/issues Importance of these green terms/issues in consumers’ home improvement considerations
Sources of information about green in home improvement
Perceived trade-offs when purchasing environmentally friendly home improvement products
Perception of areas of the home that could be most improved from an environmental standpoint
Involvement and green attitudes/behaviors in 13 key home improvement product categories, for analysis of the relative sensitivity to green in each category Standard demographics

Also included is a section describing characteristics of 5 different market segments labeled as:


To the best of our knowledge this is ground-breaking, one of a kind research as it applies directly to home improvement. Chances are great that it will shake up your current thinking as to how many consumers fit into each of these 5 segments, their understanding of various green home improvement terms and the gaps that exist between what they say they believe about each issue and the degree to which they are putting these beliefs into actual practice.


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