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The Future Of Home Improvement

The Future of Home Improvement  2008

This special 95-page report was the highest rated one by HIRI member companies in terms of usefulness for the year 2008. Conducted for HIRI by Yankelovich Partners (now The Futures Company), its underlying objective was to identify how current trends in demographics and lifestyle values will be shaping homeowner needs and attitudes about home improvement over the next 2 to 5 years, thus creating new & emerging opportunities for those who serve this industry.

Covered in this report are:

Explanations of objectives, approach taken, methodologies used and homeowner sample composition. An overview of specific home improvement projects completed in the past year and the future outlook for completion of the same. Emergent trends impacting home improvement.

- increasing economic uncertainty

- going Green

Continuing trends impacting home improvement

- the shifting demographic landscape

- demands for information & transparency

- self-invention evolving

Nowhere else are you going to be able to take a look like this into the near distant future of the home improvement industry. This is one-of-a-kind research and a must-have for business managers and executives who may feel they can just continue doing as they have in the past. Many research-based facts and analysis points are provided for changed ways of thinking.

Price: $1,495

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