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  This is a member website that aggregates data from more than 18,000 sources, of which 10% is exclusive internal statistics, 65% exclusive secondary sources, and 25% secondary sources open to the public.  This includes publications from the trade press, market and opinion research institutes, governmental sources, economic data bases, reference books, the daily press and scientific publications worldwide. 

Smart Home Industry Statistics

Report includes segments on:
Smart Home
Home Automation
Energy Management


The Impact of the Internet of Things

          Report includes:

                        Rising consumer adoption & demand

                        Connected Security

                        Connected Energy

                        Connected Healthcare

                        Connected Car

                        Privacy and Regulation

                        The Future of the Connected Home



Smart Homes

          Report includes:

                        IoT & M2M overview

                        Smart homes - market size

                        Smart homes - Installed base

                        Building/home automation




   DIY and home improvement market in the United Kingdom

             Report includes:
                             Market Overview
                             DIY Retail
                             DIY Retail: Brands
                             Consumer Expenditure
                             Purchasing Behavior
                             DIY Confidence 


Millennials in the U.S. - Media & Marketing 

             Report includes:
                              Traditional Media Consumption
                               Digital Media Consumption
                               News Consumption
                               Marketing & Advertising 



   E-retailer information 

          Report includes:
             U.S. e-retailers: mass merchant market share 2014
             E-retailers: e-commerce sales in the United States 2014
             Leading U.S. e-retailers in 2014, ranked by social commerce sales
             U.S. e-retailers: hardware and home improvement market share 2014
             Smartphone traffic to top 500 e-retailers 2010-2015
             Most popular online retail categories worldwide 2013
             U.S. retail e-commerce sales 2002-2014


  Online Shopping Infographic 

     Report includes:

            91% of online purchases for Home & Garden products were purchased from a desktop computer. 

            6% of online purchases for Home & Garden products were purchased from a tablet, and 3% from smartphones.                  



See infographic for “Online shopping by the numbers” by Clicking here.