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Remodeling Professional E-Business Research

July 2007

Using a sample of respondents provided by a HIRI member organization, this study was conducted online in late June/early July 2007 with 519 residential remodeling professionals to explore their perceptions, attitudes and usage of the Internet for business purposes. Because all respondents surveyed currently had access to the Internet, research results obtained are necessarily only representative of the segment of the remodeling industry currently online rather than the remodeling industry as a whole.

Results clearly show that the Internet has already become quite important to remodeling professionals and the potential exists for it to be developed yet even further as a business tool.

Findings of this 45-page report include:

Past Internet activity
Top 5 Internet activities within the last day
Top 5 Internet activities within the last week
Future Internet activity
Unavailable information online
Online business support
Most valuable Internet aspect for business use
Most difficult Internet aspect for business use
Most important reason for purchasing products online
Most important reason for not purchasing products online
Current and potential Internet use interest ratings
Business Internet access frequency
Website searches
Search engine used most often
Types of websites used regularly
Type of website used most often
Satisfaction with websites used most often
Suggested improvements for websites used most often
Internet importance to business
Length of Internet usage for business purposes
Company website existence
Company website features
Business Internet access location
Internet connection

Remodeler Classifications:
Type of remodeling performed – general vs. specialty
Remodeling specialization
Subcontractor usage
Company size
Supply sources used most often
Business volume in 2006
Residential remodeling percentage of total business
Job title

For manufacturers and suppliers serving this business segment, this report provides valuable insight into how they should be adapting to meet the expressed needs of these remodeling professionals. This specific information is available nowhere else.

The next wave of this study was conducted in July 2009 and will become available for sale one year later in July 2010.

Price: $495

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