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Project Decision Study


This 600+ page report covers various "why's" and many other important considerations involved in the completion of 17 different home improvement projects. The study was conducted online in in April & June 2009 with 2,902 U.S. homeowners who had completed at least one of these 17 projects within the past 12 months from that point in time. Experiences were recorded for approximately 150 homeowners for each project and each respondent was assigned to report on only one particular project experience.

Specific items covered for each project include:

Particular items installed
Top motivating reasons for the project
Motivation need states
Who initiated the project idea
Seasonality timing
Number of months for the planning and execution phase
Reasons for waiting to begin the project
What prompted the actual project start
Execution method(s) used i.e. DIY, BIY, Pro and combinations thereof
Who worked on DIY executed projects
How Pros were located if used
Sources for ideas and advice in planning phase
Selector of design materials
Selector of functional materials
Who purchased materials
Where shopped for materials
Where purchased materials
Most typical shopping method
Average cost of project
Satisfaction with overall outcome
Residence characteristics of project doers
Demographics of project doers
Life events experienced in past 5 years

Individual Projects Studied:

Interior painting
Exterior painting
Plumbing repair/replacement
Floor refinishing/replacement
Bathroom remodel
Bathroom addition
Kitchen remodel
Building patio/deck/porch
Replace/add windows
Roof replacement
Electrical system rewiring
Siding replacement
Other room remodel
Other room or garage addition
Garage Enhancement
Front Entry Enhancement

Each of the 17 different project sections is approximately 32 pages in length. If purchased separately, the report buyer will also be provided copies of pages spelling out report methodologies and other details as well as a copy of the complete 25-page questionnaire.

Full-report buyers will receive the complete 600+ page study plus questionnaire and an overall analysis of all 17 projects. This is a one-of-a-kind study available nowhere else. Product marketers up to this point may have been providing their own guess-estimates of what is involved in each step along the way for each of these projects or may have drawn their own conclusions from research based on just a small number of actual projects observed and studied. Here is your chance to see the responses of approximately 150 project doers for each one. Don't miss out on this exciting chance to finally find out answers to your many questions! Wonder no more!

Price: $2,995 full report

$795 individual project section

$595 each for 2 or more project sections

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