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Product Category Reports


HIRI's new Product Category Reports are now available. The Product Category Reports provide in-depth information on specific product lines. Learn about the overall size of the market (down to Census Division level), profiles of remodelers and consumers in terms of who is buying, what they buy, where they buy it and key segments. Consumer purchases contain extremely valuable trend data never available before from HIRI. Each report contains three major sections, Market Size and Growth, Remodeler Market, and Consumer Market. Price $1,595 each.

Categories Currently Available are:

Lumber & Building Materials
Paints & Sundries
Kitchen, Bath & Plumbing
Hand & Power Tools
Doors, Windows & Millwork
Wall, Window, Ceiling & Floor Coverings
Electrical & Lighting
Lawn & Garden
Major Household Appliances

Report sections:

Market Size and Growth
This section is based on proprietary models developed and maintained for HIRI by IHS Global Insight. Included is historical data back to 1992 and forecasts out to 2013. Data is shown in both current and constant (2000) dollars and is available both on a national and Census Division level. This section combines commentary, graphs and data tables to give a complete picture. More...

Remodeler Market
This section is taken from the 2007 HIRI Remodeling Professional Study of 500 generalists, 110 Hispanic-owned generalist firms and 1,207 specialist remodelers across the U.S. The Category Report contains information on who is buying products in the category (type and size of the remodeler), where they are buying and key factors for choosing particular products. Highlighted key points are included in a summary section and there are many graphs displaying important data. More...

Consumer Market
HIRI has conducted consumer purchase tracking since 1988. This section highlights data on a product category from the 2008 Product Purchase Tracking Study conducted with 3,617 homeowners. This section is rich in data including the following purchase measures by product; past year purchase incidence for each product, outlets used, demographics of buyers, and the person who was the main selector of the product. The data also includes who was the user or installer of the product, DIY, BIY or pro installation, sources of information used and media popularity for purchasers. Not only is this data shown from the 2008 study, and it also includes very valuable trend data on selected measures. Additional perspective is provided by a segmentation analysis of the overall market and how it relates to this product category. More...

Price: All this information on the product category is available now for only $1,595


If you have any questions about report ordering, please call (813) 627-6750.
If you have any questions about report content prior to placing your order, please call (813) 627-6770.