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Product Category Drill Down Study


Thirteen separate reports cover many details of past year homeowner purchases of home improvement products. Perhaps aptly dubbed as the "drill-down” study, its specific purpose was to drill-down deeper into product category issues than HIRI had ever attempted previously in other studies. It was conducted online in November and December of 2006 by Synovate among 500 respondents in each of the product categories who had purchased 1 or more of the individual items within them. Respondents who had made purchases in more than one of the 13 categories were only permitted to answer questions for one of them.

Product categories included were:

1. Doors, windows & millwork
2. Electrical & lighting
3. Hand tools & accessories
4. Hardware
6. Kitchen & bathroom remodeling
7. Lawn & garden
8. Lumber & building materials
9. Major household appliances
10. Paints & sundries
11. Plumbing supplies
12. Power tools & accessories
13. Wall, window, ceiling and floor coverings

Prospective report buyers wishing to know individual items within each category are referred to the description of HIRI’s 2006 Product Purchase Tracking Study also contained under Current HIRI Research. There is a total of 218 individual product items within these 13 categories.

Specific areas probed for each included:

Personal involvement of category buyers in home improvement & repairs i.e. total DIY’er, do many jobs around the house but leave the toughest to Pros, only take on small jobs as needed, or call on Pros for just about everything. Frequency of having home improvement projects underway at home i.e. almost all of the time, more often than not, occasionally, or rarely How the homeowner would start shopping for a category item Importance of various attributes when choosing a retailer for category products

1. having a reasonable return policy

2. having qualified professionals available to install applicable products

3. having a variety of price and quality levels displayed side-by-side to choose from

4. having several different major brands to choose from


Importance of various attributes when making brand selections

1. offers reliable/durable products

2. offers products that are a good value

3. is a brand you trust

4. is a brand you would recommend to a friend

Frequency of going to more than 1 store to find a category item wanted
Reasons for going to additional stores to find the category item wanted
Purchase incidence among the 500 homeowners for each individual category item
Reasons for purchasing the product (new product addition, replacement item for one broken/damaged/worn-out, security reasons, energy efficiency, style upgrade, etc.)
Information sources that helped in product selection
Stores/outlets where purchased
Product purchaser i.e. male head of household, female, both, family member/relative, Pro
Other product categories purchased at the same time
Primary decision-maker for brand bought (same break-out as for product purchaser)
Number of items bought for each category product
Primary installer or user for each category product
Degree of satisfaction with the purchase on a 1 to 5 scale
Likelihood of recommending each item bought to others
Number of occasions on which individual products were bought in the past year
Amounts spent on each item on the most recent purchase occasion
Demographics of buyers i.e. age, type of occupation, household income, number of persons in household, geographic region, presence of kids at home

Each of the 13 separate reports varies in length from 40 to 50 pages, depending on the number of individual items within them.

We believe this is a one-of-a-kind study that covers so many different product categories with so much detail for each. The cost to replicate the research within any of these 13 categories would surely be many times the price of each individual report.

Price: $995 for the first report

$895 for each additional individual report


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