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Home Improvement Retail Selector Study


In March 2008 a total of 3,045 U.S. homeowners were surveyed regarding their selection of a specific retailer for home improvement products purchased in a store within the prior 3-month period. Questionnaires were administered via the Internet with members of Synovate's Consumer Opinion e-Panel, of which one-half respondents were male and one half female.

Areas of questioning explored for each of 15 different product categories included:

where consumers are shopping
reasons for choosing a specific retailer/contractor
how much they spent
satisfaction with retailer/contractor service, and
the nature of competition between outlet types

The 15 different product categories were as follows:

building materials (other than lumber)
ceilings & floor coverings
doors & windows
electrical & lighting
hardware hand tools
heating, ventilating & A/C (HVAC)
major household appliances
kitchen & bath
lawn & garden
paint & paint accessories
power tools, and
wall & window coverings


Specific findings include:

overview of last purchase activity
types of products purchased on last occasion and whether purchased or hired cross-category purchasing
average amount spent
top 2 box summary of reasons for shopping type of retailer
sources consulted for home improvement
purchase purchased activity summary
hired activity summary
gender summary

Each of the 15 product category sections typically contains the following types of information:

ways shopped for home improvement products in the past 6 months
specific types of products purchased
retailer type at which purchased
satisfaction with retailer type
what would have done if unable to purchase from retailer
contractor selection and payment
what would have done if unable to purchase materials through contractor
satisfaction with contractor

This 412-page report should prove to be quite helpful to home improvement retailers, manufacturers and distributors as well in understanding their customers' needs and what in particular drives them to a certain type of retail outlet for specific product types.

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