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HIRI's 2016 Insights Conference



Fusion of Fashion and Home – Colors, Prints and Pattern

HIRI’s 2016 Insights Conference will close out day one with discussions on the softer side of Home Improvement with “Home Design from a worldwide Perspective:  Global Greats with Millenial updates”

HGTV’s Design Director, Nancy Fire, will present in this session the “Fusion of Fashion and Home”  showing how home trends today are intermingled with our everyday lifestyle straight from the runway into your home.  Nancy will share insight on colors, prints and pattern: Artisan Blues, Nature’s Bounty, Global Guru, Luxury and Color Me Happy.  She will also share her top 5 trends for 2016.

Registration is available now.  Take advantage of early registration and save $100.


Trends in Home Improvement


September 27 and 28, 2016

Chicago, Illinois


Details and Registration