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Generational Age Group Analysis of Home Improvement Activity


This 81-page report is a derivative of the 2008 HIRI Consumer Product Purchase Tracking Study and 2007 Project Decision Study. Special data cross tabulations were made from it for four major age groupings of homeowners to include Matures (born 1945 and before), Baby Boomers (1946-1964), Generation-X (1965-1978) and Echo Boomers (1979-1991). Specific emphasis is given to each as to their involvement in home improvement product spending, project activity, hiring of paid home services and information sources used as reported by homeowner panel members of TNS for 2007 activity.

Specific report sections include:

Overall Report Findings - Highlights by Generation & Summary of Key Points

Report highlights for individual groups of Matures, Baby Boomers, Gen X-ers and Echo Boomers
Summary of key points for products purchased, project activity, hired home services, cluster group segmentation & attitudinal data, typical methods of home improvement shopping, information sources used for home improvement, demographics and recent major life cycle events

Products Purchased (of 14 categories and 228 individual items in total)

Product categories bought from and number of products bought
Heavy/medium/light product buyers
Average dollar amounts spent by product category and in total
Outlet types bought from
Average number of BIY, DIY and Pro products installed

Project Activity (of 37 in total)

Incidences of specific projects completed
Heavy/medium/light project doers
Average dollar amounts spent by select project type and in total
Major product selector for projects (male vs. female vs. other)
Major project doer/executor
Purchaser of majority of products needed for projects done by a Pro
Average number of BIY, DIY and Pro projects executed
Incidences of any project done only BIY, only DIY or only Pro

Home Services Hired (of 21 in total)

Individual service categories hired and average number of total services hired
Heavy/medium/light service hirers
Average number of times each service category was hired
Average dollar spending for select service categories and in total for the entire year

Cluster Group Segmentation and Attitudinal Data

Cluster group definitions for DIY Enthusiasts, Decorators, One-Stop Shoppers, Cost Conscious Web Surfers, Do-It-For-Me Researchers and Home Improvement Avoiders
Top 2 Box agreement with 33 attitudinal statements by age group regarding home improvement and homeownership

Typical Methods of Home Improvement Shopping

Most typical single method for home improvement shopping

Information Sources Used for Home Improvement

Incidences of 16 sources used for product information
Incidences of 16 sources used for project information
Incidences of having used the Internet for home improvement information in the prior year
Incidences of having purchased and/or researched home improvement products online in the past 12 months
Types of online home improvement research done in this same time period
Publisher/brands of home improvement books reported as being owned
Home improvement related magazines reported as being read on a regular basis
Home improvement related TV/cable/satellite shows reported being viewed on a regular basis

Demographics and Recent Life Cycle Events

Demographics i.e. respondent age, gender, average number of years in primary residence, average age of current residence, number of persons in household, presence of children at home, geographic region, education levels, employment status, occupations, marital status, type of dwelling, home buy/sell activity in the prior year and home buy/sell plans for the coming year
Major life cycle events experienced by the head of household in the past 2 years

With there already being about 46 million persons in the U.S born before 1946 (Matures) and an even larger number of Baby Boomers (about 78 million born 1946-1964) it should be quite apparent that learning the particular home improvement behaviors of each is extremely important. Typically it is assumed that as one ages home improvement project involvement by homeowners becomes less DIY and more BIY and Pro. You are invited to find these things out yourselves by buying and reading this report. No longer should you be relying on just assumptions and anecdotal stories. This report not only verifies (or debunks) formerly held suspicions or assumptions but helps quantify some of them as well.

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