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About HIRImockup

The Home Improvement Research Institute (HIRI) is a membership based, independent, not-for-profit organization of manufacturers, retailers, wholesalers and allied organizations in the home improvement industry. Its mission is to be recognized as the primary authority for effective, useful information about home improvement products and services in North America.

  • The source with the widest range of industry information
  • Designed by and for industry leading companies
  • X years of proven service
  • An outstanding value
  • Loyalty program with custom consulting

Founded in 1981 as the Do-It-Yourself Research Institute, the name changed to the Home Improvement Research Institute in October, 1989 to reflect an expansion in its research scope to include the professional remodeler segment of the home improvement market.
HIRI's primary research encompasses baseline and tracking studies which profile the characteristics, attitudes and buying behaviors of consumer and professional remodeler customers. Research is proprietary to member companies and is geared to meet the individual needs of the Institute's membership base while gathering data which accurately gauges trends in the market.

HIRI's research provides members with some of the most actionable research in the industry at a value well over 50 times the annual membership investment.

What our members are saying about HIRI

"HIRI is an invaluable source of knowledge on the home improvement industry. HIRI’s is a unique
industry organization in that it focuses primarily on the execution and dissemination of primary research
designed by the members who run the range from large box retailers, to co-ops to manufacturers. As a
member, you are able to leverage a relatively small investment into a large body of research that is both
broad in scope and actionable in its detail.”
- Winston Ledet, Director of Strategic Business Development, The Home Depot

”It may be dangerous to call something a "no-brainer", but to me, that's what our HIRI membership is. For
a fraction of the cost of a single research project we have access to a wealth of relevant industry
information, and as a bonus, the ability to network with our peers and exposure to other information
resources through HIRI conferences and other programs and opportunities is a huge benefit for Masco.”
- Robert Czechowicz, Director, Strategic Planning & Marketing, Masco

"At Lowe’s the Customer is at the centerpiece of all we do. As such, the demand for quality research and
deep customer insight is mission critical. Needless to say, we engage in a wide variety of research
activities and without a doubt our membership and involvement with HIRI has provided unrivaled value for
25 years. Whether you have millions to spend or are just contemplating a research investment, I would
recommend you seriously consider becoming a HIRI member.”
- Gary Wyatt, VP – Research, Lowe’s Companies, Inc.

"I consider myself fortunate to have been referred to HIRI shortly after joining American Standard. I
remain impressed by the quality of the organization and the research and information it provides. You
can't beat the combination of quality and affordability HIRI offers.”
- Bob Saving, Director Market Research, Americas Bath & Kitchen, American Standard


"USG has had been involved with HIRI over an 11 year period. The research that HIRI provides is
valuable input for USG's short and long term business strategies. I would highly recommend HIRI to any
company that wants to get detailed research concerning home improvement.”
- Bob Carlson, Director Segment Marketing - Retail & Remodel, USG Corporation

HIRI membership provides an amazing amount of research for less than the cost of two focus groups.

 HIRI's research provides members with some of the most actionable research in the industry at a value well over 50 times the annual membership investment . In 2013, HIRI members will receive $XXX,000 worth of research on the US home improvement market for just $11,500 in annual dues. HIRI members include over 70 industry leaders in manufacturing, retailing, distribution and publishing. By combining resources, each of these members is able to learn far more about consumer and remodeling contractor behavior than any individual company could afford to gather
on its own. Members determine the research objectives and drive each project with assistance from
HIRI’s experienced research professionals on staff. HIRI’s current research includes— (NEEDS UPDATING)

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HIRI Conferences
Twice a year (April and October), HIRI holds full day conferences that are packed with valuable
information about the home improvement industry. These conferences are a mixture of HIRI data and
other sources of industry insight. These are also great opportunities for networking with others.

Who can become HIRI Members?

HIRI membership is available to retailers, manufacturers, distributors, publishing companies and trade
associations related to the home improvement industry. Associate membership is available to companies
who provide equity investment advice relating to the industry.

Is HIRI Research Available to Non-Members?

If your company does not qualify for membership or you are interested in buying specific research
studies, reports are available for purchase after a member-only period expires, typically 12 months after
study completion. HIRI conferences are also open to nonmembers at a higher registration fee.

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