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About Associate Membership

It appears that your company is eligible for an 
Associate Membership

HIRI Member Information Flyer 

HIRI is open for Full Membership to any company involved in the home improvement industry as a manufacturer, retailer, distributor, provider of services, or publisher. (It doesn't matter if your company is Internet based or has a more traditional business model.) The HIRI research is valuable in determining:

Information To Aid in Analysis

The HIRI research is valuable in determining:

The size and trends in the industry.
The outlook for growth based on econometric models done by IHS Global Insight.
Profiles of professional remodelers.
Profiles of DIY consumers.
Trends in retailer installed sales.
The status and trends in e-business as it impacts the home improvement industry.
This data is a great aid in accessing the opportunity offered by the market and the evaluation of an individual company's business plans. 

A Great Value

  • Value is measured by comparing cost vs. benefits and HIRI offers a strong package to Associate Members.
  • Advanced Intelligence - Research is proprietary to members for up to twelve months before being sold to the general industry (timing varies with type of research involved.)
  • By combining resources, member companies gain access to research that costs over 50X the membership dues. Associate Membership dues are currently only $10,000 per year. Details are on the membership application. All units of a member company can gain access to HIRI data for the cost of one membership.
  • There is also a one-time initiation fee of $1,000 which covers the cost of setting you up in all of our data bases and providing you a hard copy of completed reports.
  • Members receive all research as it is completed with no additional charge. One hard copy is provided.
  • Members receive unlimited access to HIRI's current and past reports in a secure Members Only section of our website. Any number of participants from a member company can receive access.
  • HIRI provides support for its research at no cost to members.
  • HIRI members represent leaders in the industry; HIRI meetings offer valuable networking opportunities. HIRI conducts a number of conferences to showcase its own research and to feature leading industry speakers and other presenters with insights on market trends. Members receive a significant discount on their attendance fees.
  • Special discounts with key research producers, including Yankelovich Monitor, and IHS Global Insight. 

Associate Membership Limitations

Associate Members cannot be on the HIRI Board of Directors

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