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2016 Conference September 27, 2016


9:00–10:00 am                                      

Welcome Day 1 

Continental Breakfast
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10:00–10:45 am

Ivy Zelman

Zelman & Associates

Addressing the Most Frequent Asked Questions in Housing

A thematic overview of pressing topics associated with housing and related industries. Ivy will address the most frequent questions in housing today – Why has growth been slower than expected? What if the economy goes into a recession? Are millennials interested in home ownership?

10:45-11:30 am

Linda Mackenzie

Vice President, Client Solutions


Smart & Connected Homeowners: Strategic Insights to Capture these Consumers


Building on Trifecta’s 2015 original research into key attitudinal drivers of purchase, and homeowner segmentation of smart and connected device owners, Trifecta Research will present to HIRI members, additional, original insights into the Smart & Connected homeowner, including:


  • An update on key changes in the competitive landscape, as well as changes in awareness and interest in Smart/Connected devices
  • An exploration into key drivers of purchase/satisfaction and their inter-correlations (and how they manifest differently by key sub-groups)
  • An analysis of the underlying multiplicity of drivers of Convenience and Efficiency as motivators (and how they manifest differently by key sub-groups)

These learnings will help device manufacturers and marketers better develop and position products to meet the demands of targeted homeowners.

11:30-1:00 pm

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Lunch Speaker: J.D. Power (need speaker name)

1:00-1:45 pm

Todd Tomalak
Vice President, Resarch

Mollie Carmichael



John Burns Real Estate Consulting

 “Today’s Home Design and Product Preferences by Generations Redefined”

Todd and Mollie will discuss the key trends you won’t want to miss to be successful in 2016. We will start by better understanding the opportunity with our remodeling forecast for both small and large remodeling projects throughout the country. Next, we will focus on today’s consumer by generation and the implications you need to know for the future. Specifically, we will share with you the results from our recent Product and Consumer Insights Study conducted nation-wide with over 23,000 consumers. Learn what consumers want by generational groups based on a solid balance on product design and what consumers are willing to pay for next. Who doesn’t like to talk about home design? Please join us for this interesting presentation.

1:45-2:30 pm

Laura Kennedy


Kantar Retail

Omnichannel Retail’s Rise in the World of Brick and Mortar”


While physical stores still form the foundation for home improvement retailers, digital tools and shopping habits are permeating the DIY shopping experience. In addition to increasing the productivity of their stores, retailers like Home Depot and Lowe’s now speak of creating one seamless relationship with shoppers. This rapid evolution offers home improvement retailers and suppliers a unique opportunity to combine the in-store interaction and experience necessary for home improvement purchases with the endless aisle, information, and convenience enabled by digital.

 2:30-2:45 pm


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2:45-3:30  pm

Nancy Fire

Design Director



Home Design from a Worldwide Perspective: Global Greats with Millennial Updates


In this session Nancy Fire, HGTV HOME Design Director, will discuss the “Fusion of Fashion and Home” showing how home trends today are intermingled with our everyday lifestyle straight from the runway into your home. Nancy will share her top 5 trends for 2016 along with insight on colors, prints and pattern: Artisan Blues, Nature’s Bounty, Global Guru, Luxury and Color Me Happy.

 3:30 pm