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Where many young adults live today versus the 70’s

Wednesday, May 3, 2017   (0 Comments)
Posted by: Pam Heidel


The U.S. Census Bureau examined the differences in young adulthood in 1975 compared to today in their most recently published report, The Changing Economics and Demographics of Young Adulthood:  1975-2016.  The differences are vast.


A few key highlights to note of interest to those in the home improvement industry are:


  • More young people live with their parents than any other arrangement.  Today 1 in 3 young people, about 24 million 18-34 year old’s live in their parents homes.  In 1975 the majority of young people lived with their spouse.
  • Just a decade ago most young people lived independently in 35 of the 50 states.  Today there are only six states where the majority of 18-34 year old’s live independently.
  • The order of importance leading to adulthood have shifted from marriage and family to education and economic accomplishment.
  • In the 70’s, 80% married by the age of 30, today that age is 45. 
  • The fastest growing living arrangement among young adults is living with a partner, 12 times more than 40 years ago.

Overall the milestones of adulthood have remained the same but the order of those milestones have shifted.  Marriage and family formation is still a goal but it is being delayed to ensure economic security. 


The US Census Bureau report, The Changing Economics and Demographics of Young Adulthood: 1975–2016, can be found on their website.