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Upgrading Smarter: Smart Devices in the Home

Monday, September 19, 2016   (0 Comments)
Posted by: Matthew Craig

It’s been a couple years since the term “smart devices” jumped into the social consciousness of the average consumer. Since then, we’ve been hearing of the impending leap forward in adoption and huge growth in market size of these “smart” devices, but real world results have proven slightly underwhelming compared to the very optimistic projections. With that said, growth has actually been quite quick, and looks as it is on a trend to continue.


In Houzz’s release of the 2016 Smart Home Study, we find the trend that during a renovation of one’s house, the homeowner is much more likely to upgrade to smart devices. Nearly half of homeowners are installing some sort of smart device during their renovation projects. Of those, the most common smart product category is security (alarms, cameras, security light, etc.) at 25%, while the most commonly installed product remains the smart thermostat (12%).


An interesting tidbit that falls out of the findings is satisfaction. Those who installed smart products show higher satisfaction with their upgrades than those who upgraded without the “smart” capabilities. Those that are installing the smart products are showing to be more concerned with the functionality of their home (energy consumption, remote monitoring, etc.) than others who are focusing more on resale value.


If you are curious and wish to read more, head on over to the Houzz website to download the full report.


Source: Houzz